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May 2, 2007

Since everyone in General Aviation is concerned about the aviation user fees that the FAA is trying to push through Congress, I thought I'd print an email I received from my friend David Board this week, who makes some excellent points about the fallacy of such fees.


There is a general feeling that U.S. GA users are not paying their share of the trust fund. The truth is that the Aviation Trust Fund was for years and years the most successful and most solvent fund in U.S. government history. However, in the 1980's attempts were being made to draw that fund down and spend those billions of dollars on frivolous non aviation projects... It was like the vast amount in the fund was an embarrassment to the bureaucrats in Washington DC.

Over roughly the same time period, there have been numerous attempts to make the so called 'wealthy people' who own piston airplanes to pay more of the cost of the aviation system (a system that already had more money than the Pope in Rome).... So how can anyone justify this kind of new form of taxation when there is this highly solvent aviation fund just sitting there in fort Knox or some other secret government bank account?

The real truth behind all of this nonsense is the fact is that in America today we have an administrator who is not truly qualified to run the greatest aviation bureaucracy in the world. Our FAA administrator is a dyed in the wool career bureaucrat and a lawyer to boot. When this administrator was actually appointed as our administrator of the FAA she had absolutely zero qualification as a pilot. I understand that there have been attempts to remedy that glaring discrepancy since her appointment, but the fact remains that this administration dose not speak aviation-ese as her mother tongue. Having this non aviation as an FAA administrator is like having a chief justice of the supreme court or a U.S. Attorney General who is illiterate! It is pure heresy!

The craziest thing about the whole situation to me is that the minions in the FAA offices all over America are not revolting! Yet they the ones who are going to pay the cost of the demise of general aviation with smaller offices with less people. Hey, I remember when Wheeling and Clarksburgh and Charleston and Huntinton and Parkersburgh all had a Flight Service Stations! Well, maybe the FAA are revolting in other ways, it is revolting to me that they are allowing this hatchet woman to overstep her bounds as an administrator and not "promote" aviation, which is what the prime directive of the FAA is, but to do the opposite and drive a wooden stake through the heart of GA in America. And make no mistake this is exactly what is happening with the new User fees, (hey we are all rich and can afford it) and the FAA piggy back fees on our medical exams; the increase in fees for registration... In Europe you pay a license fee for every rating that you hole, that can't be far away...the list is as endless as the avarice of the bureaucrats in Washington DC who can dream up pay raises for themselves at the expense of.... the U S General aviation industry.

I am loath to preach sedition here but.... General Aviation in the U.S. of A has always been the envy of the world. Yes, they charge these so called user fees in Europe, but have you ever tried to fly a general aviation airplane in Europe? General aviation is non existent in Eur ope. Oh OK they have their micro lights and gliders over there. Is that what we want to happen over here?

This is the land of Rosey the riveter and the B 24 for goodness sake! Yankee ingenuity has nothing to do with Confederates Troops up north you know, it is a general term for everything Americans in Europe. Hitler thought that because America had no apprenticeship programs in place that it would take at least 5 years to be ready for war! Boy did he make a mistake!

War today is dominated by supremacy in the air. Europe has a very limited amount of pilots, Africa and India and China even less! American had the most vibrant GA sector that the world has ever seen. There are more pilots, with more experience in the US than all of the rest of the world put together!

Well say good-by to all of that. And you can thank Administrator Blakeley for that! Should I say andminis-traitor Blakeley?

I know it sounds trite but it really is a matter of national security that aviation be kept alive and thriving in this country... You are going to miss it when it has gone!

There should be a change the rules to make the qualification for Aviation Administrator be 10,000 hours PIC! and 1000 hours of Flight instruction given!

Truly disgustedly yours,

David Board

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