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A picturesque bed and breakfast located on the Tygart River in the scenic hills of West Virginia.

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An interesting link.  Click here to see it. The Lake airplane is advertised as ''The world's only single-engine production amphibian'', and Vicki of Vermont sells a lot of them. (New Window)
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2016 American L-18 Super Legend $165,000
2016 American L-18 Super Legend

2002 Progressive Aerodyne Searey $34,900
2002 Progressive Aerodyne Searey

1970 Mooney M-10 Cadet (Ercoupe) $26,900
1970 Mooney M-10 Cadet (Ercoupe)

2007 Storm Century LSA $74,500 $54,500
2007 Storm Century LSA

1969 Piper PA-24-260C Comanche $79,500
1969 Piper PA-24-260C Comanche

1975 Piper Cherokee Six 300 $74,500
1974 Piper Cherokee Six 300

1940 Porterfield LP65 $29,900
1940 Porterfield LP65

1949 Piper PA-16 Super Clipper $32,500
1949 Piper PA-16 Super Clipper

1956 Piper PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer $18,500 $15,500
1956 Piper PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer

1940 Fairchild 24-R40 $52,500 $47,500
1940 Fairchild 24-R40

1966 Piper Cherokee 180C $43,500
1966 Piper Cherokee 180C
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