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Rain on the Roof
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Rain on the Roof

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain on the roof of the RV, and the usual brightness from the window was missing. Dude's morning walk was abbreviated and the trip for the paper was via the red Volvo splashing through the pelting rain. Precipitation is forecast to continue through the day so my plan is to catch up on desk chores today.

My Mississippi daughter visited this weekend, her first time to the Charleston area. The weather was beautiful, and of course I loved introducing her to some of the things that I enjoy about this place. The few days were filled with outdoor activities, as I played tour guide.

Together we assembled the bikes that had been stored in the 'basement' of the RV for a ride down the greenbelt and a view of the marsh. Dude of course, does not take kindly to being left behind while adventures are afoot, so we first craftily installed him in the back seat of the Volvo, one of his all-time favorite places, and then parked it behind the RV where he couldn't witness our departure. We agreed that this was a sneaky but effective procedure that left everyone happy.

On Sunday afternoon we toured the Historic section of town and found the spring weather had brought out the strollers and the tourist in force. Marion square was filled with flying Frisbees and leaping dogs, while sunbathers sitting and lying on blankets scattered in the grass soaked up the spring rays.

King Street in Charleston reminds me of the quote that if you sit long enough at a sidewalk café in Paris, eventually everyone in the world will walk by. And sure enough, as we were driving past, I saw a couple that I knew from West Virginia walking arm and arm down the sidewalk. I was too surprised to call out until I was past them and they were gone.

It seems to me that chance is one of the strangest visitors you can have, and one that always comes unannounced. My eighth grade class in the small country school I attended had a total of 12 members. A few years ago while walking down a street on the island of St Martin, two thousand miles from the West Arden Grade School, I met one of my classmates.

I've been using the Mooney to make the commute between WV and Charleston, as appointments and demos take me back home every couple of weeks or so. It has proven to be a good choice for this travel and gives me almost 150 knots of speed, making the trip about in about 2:50 in no wind and at a fuel burn of less than 10 GPH.

With it's basic but reliable avionics, I've spent many hours 'lurking in the murk' on instruments. So many in fact, that the leading edges of the wings and tail are beginning to need the paint touched up from the pounding of the rain. In the hundred or so hours that I've flown this Mooney I've grown comfortable with the airplane and it now seems to have the good fit that comes when you've flown one airplane long enough to really know it well.

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